Still one hundred percent

Inside Out is, well, out. The first thing me and my friends do at Pixar when our creation is out there in the world is check obsessively Rotten Tomatoes. Sometimes we even make bets on how long we can stay at 100% - the best run I remember was Toy Story 3, but of course different movies we've made have fared different results.

So far it's going pretty well, although by the time you see this link it might have changed.
I am so proud of this film, I really hope you get to see it and enjoy it.

On a related note, a first glimpse of our next film was shown at Cannes this spring. It's the first time ever Pixar releases two pictures in one year and the impact, both in excitement and sheer work, was definitely felt here in the trenches. More on this one soon... so stay tuned!
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