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Nouvelles Aventures

2018 is a brave new year.
Last August Mayah and I took a vacation to Europe. We stayed in France for a while, then continued to Italy, to meet with my family and join up with hers, and a few good friends as well, so we could happily drive a van around and explore my "Bel paese" (beautiful country).

My sweet lady and I must have liked it there, because we got engaged in Paris, and made beautiful memories around the rest of the France and Italy.

Once we got back, we gave it a lot of thought, and decided to look for a new adventure and try something a bit different, before we settle down a bit more.
I've been wanting to get closer to my family, but going to my hometown did not feel to us like enough of an adventure. We like learning languages, and we have a passion for cooking. That pulled us to this city called Lyon, the capital of traditional French cuisine, an international destination for its beauty and its wine country. Also, only four hours train from home - and not …

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