Gearing up for siggraph 2013

It is in Anaheim this year... sooooo Disneyland here I come!
I will be down starting tomorrow, and I hope to see many of you.

This year I have a lot going on: Pixarians are presenting Monsters University on Thursday at 12:45. I worked a lot on the illumination technology of that show. We nickname it GI, although Global Illumination is something we have used for years. What is really new for us, is physically based lights and surfaces, and the way they are integrated in Renderman at Pixar. I will be presenting some of our work at the Renderman Booth on Wednesday at 11:00 - just before the teapot distribution.
On the Blue Umbrella, (session on Sunday at 10:45), I was mostly involved in the integration/evaluation of the early release of Katana, from The Foundry, into our very specific pipeline. A big task given the limited time, budget, and total lack of experience on this fenomenal package. The results are pretty amazing though, I hope you had a chance to see the short.
Finally, years after I was done with my part on it, our research on the "New Looks" project is published as a Paper. Come see our presentation on Wednesday at 3:45, given by Forrester Cole. Here is the abstract, and here is the list of papers we published. The full paper PDF is here.

Enjoy Siggraph 2013!

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