A coherent noise for non photorealistic applications

I hope you attended this year's Siggraph. It was in the enchanting city of Vancouver, and the weather was deceptively good, so much it probably helped the companies that were aggressively hiring there. I had several reasons to go this year. I am working on the integration of the 3d painting tool from The Foundry, Mari, as well as Autodesk Mudbox and Disney's Paint3d. So I had plenty of meetings to attend. I also presented a paper this year, my first one in fact. 

It was very exciting - read nerve wrecking - to be presenting the fast forward session. Twenty five thousand amazing people, the cream of the intelligentia in our field - were looking at me at the same time. Despite some technical issues with the videos in the presentation, that nobody seemed to notice, it went pretty well. 

Enrico Casarosa also presented his first work as a director in Pixar: La Luna - not to be confused with another short that also came out this year: Luna. I had the pleasure to help out a bit on this one, shading the stars, animating their effects, and a painting and shading a few props on the boat. 
Make sure you see it when it will be shown again, ahead of Brave in theaters!


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