Wall-e won the Oscar

After competing on 7 nominations, including sound mixing, original story, original song and best animated movie, and losing most to Slumdog Millionaire, Wall-e won perhaps the biggest one in our industry: Best Animated Picture.

All right I cannot take any credit on this one: the movie was finished before I managed to get my visa and come to Pixar. Still it feels good to see the hard work of my friends and colleagues rewarded. Wall-e is a movie I deeply appreciated for several reasons. I love the graphics (of course), the homage to mute films of the first twenty minutes, the love story that looks new and feels nostalgic nonetheless. Most of all, I like how it brings attention to the bad habits of humankind, without detracting from the story with it.

On Monday there was a big party at Pixar. Andrew Stanton was there and everyone took pictures with the little golden statue. Everyone but me. I was home, sick with a nasty cold. Oh well...

Congratulations to all other competitors though. Having traveled through China, I especially loved the environments of Kung-fu Panda. There have been lots of bitter discussions after the results of the Annie Awards, but still we all have to acknowledge this one was a good year, where the competition was a lot tighter and quality on all levels greatly improved.

I will leave with a "chicca" from the night of the Oscars:

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