About a year ago my good friend Alessandro mentioned the fact that he was going to get married. And gave me about a year notice. So no excuses, although I´m pretty good at missing these important occasions, I was not going to do it this time.

There are really no good flights between San Francisco and Salvador - Bahia. All require at least two connections. To be safe, I planned extra time for the each and did not put anything too important in the checked-in backpack - with the notable exception of the suit I am supposed to wear at the wedding.

And of course, things went wrong. After an excruciating eight hours wait in Atlanta, the delay was long enough that I missed my connection in Brazilia. Besides, they also lost my luggage, and I still do not know its location at this time. The replacement flight from Brazilia to Salvador was also late. But it´s ok because I waited for my ride (which I am grateful for) for another hour at the airport. So overall, the trip took about 35 hours. And without my stuff.

It wasn´t all bad though. I had plenty of time to peruse my portuguese lesson podcast and to catch up with the world news. And once I got there, starving like a velocyraptor, I had two dinners. One italian, and one Brazilian.
So here I am, in Bahia, stuffed with carne ao sol, enjoying the sound of the waves and the comfortable couch of one of my best friends.

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