California has some beautiful parks. And in over 8 months I had not seen any, other than the Muir Woods. That was until my good friend Benedetta finally decided to organise a trip. There were five of us, and despite the our good intentions, we did not hike that much. We woke up early but we always had a slow start up, not to mention that Yosemite is pretty huge, and to get anywhere you need to drive for a while. In the evening, we enjoyed our lodge. It had a very nice looking restaurant and lounge. We also perused the beautiful swimming pool with view on the mountains, which had a bar serving all sorts of drinks.

We did see something though. We did a few trails and we climbed on rocks trying to reach the end of the enchanting Bridal Veil waterfall, where little water snakes breed and slither near the calves of tourists. I was surprised to see people climbing those slippery and sometimes sharp rocks with months old babies in their arms.

We finally saw the majestic sequoias, the size of some of which made my head spin. We spotted a few deers, and lots squirrels and chipmunks. Actually, it was the squirrels who spotted us, and came begging for food. However, I should say fortunately, no bears seemed to spot us or come to try to force their way into our car trying to get our lunch.

I have posted a few pictures on Picasa.

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