Oz and Back

It has been about 10 months already. I have missed it a lot. But most of all I have missed spending time with my lady. So there I went, back to Australia, back to the familiar Sydney I have loved so much.

Some people say San Francisco is a bit like Sydney. Or, depending on who says it, the other way around. I don't see that much resemblance other than memorable bridges, a beautiful bay, and lots of hills. They are both fascinating in very different ways. Sydney does not have the most enticing and loathed atmospheric events of the Fog City. Had I not lived in both places, I wouldn't have believed who told me that leaving San Francisco (same latitude as Rome, or Madrid) in the Summer, and landing in Sydney in the Winter, would have involved exactly no change in my wardrobe.
I was delighted to see so many friends went out of their way to meet me. But being very sociable in a full-flu season involves some risks. I got sick the second day after I arrived. And, unfortunately, I did not heal until the very end. Besides, it was not really planned to be a quiet holiday.

We drove about two thousand kilometres up the coast and inland. We visited plenty of cute little towns, beaches and cliffs. We saw kangaroos relaxing along the road and whales migrating off the cliffs of "Northern New South Wales". We went to the most famous surfing spots of that coast, Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise, but the bad weather did not provide much motivation for two rookies such as us. Eventually we stopped a day in Brisbane. In the middle of the winter, we enjoyed some chilled white wine along the river wearing but a shirt, before having a delicious Turkish dinner. Hey, this sounds like another place I would enjoy.

Sadly, the holiday lasted way too short. Back to Sydney, and then back to San Francisco. Tired, yes and a bit sick still. But also deeply refreshed, and very spoiled by Suzie's cooking, again. Certainly ready to get straight back to work.
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