Pacific oysters

 My good old friends Alessandro and Pietro came up during thanksgiving from Los Angeles. San Francisco was very busy those days, so that was the ideal occasion to get a car and start exploring the area outside of the city. Our friend Kelly, who also came along, planned it all for us and, since she lived around here before, she was a great resource indeed!
She took us along the coast north of the Golden Gate bridge, up deep into the Marine County. We went to Rodeo beach, where very scary waves onto our shore, and even more scary waves at the horizon. She led us deeper into the north cliffs that have breathtaking landscapes. And eventually we reached an oyster farm, where we enjoyed a sunny weather and awesome food, besides what we already bought at the ferry building of San Francisco. And there comes the fog, like it was waiting for us behind the hills. It pounced on us and covered the Sun, making the temperature drop like crazy in a matter of seconds. While it covered the sun, it did not immediately cover its reflection on the bay, making beatiful games of light that we deeply enjoyed before packing up and leaving.
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