The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

I can't really say that in these few months I have missed London much. The rain, the cold, the mist, the gray city... don't have such a grip on my heart. But this weekend something funny happened. Some friends of mine took me to a very big and popular fair, called the Great Dickens Christmas Fair.

Inside, a reconstruction of a few quarters of ye olde London was waiting for us. People in costumes from over a century ago (both actors AND people attending the fair) crowded every corner and after a few hours - and few mulled wines - it really felt immersive to me. Certainly the rain, visible from the few windows and ticking constantly on the roof, helped achieve the effect.

So what was there to do in the whole day? well... just to begin, there were plenty of pubs. And that says a lot. We had warm meat pies, drank comforting ales and watched live performances of old English and Scottish folk dances. And lots of cabaret and singing. It was a lot of fun! We even joined the dances, even though I don't imagine we would have left a great impression.

There were lots and lots of children, both acting and as visitors. But the show was not really for them. Most of the songs and the jokes were pretty explicit and in the end the show we went to see was called "the french postcards". I will let you google that if you are curious heheh.

I didn't know I was supposed to dress in a 800s costume. But with my hat and my coat and my scarf, everyone said I definitely fit in. The funny thing is that "that" - is my regular me...


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