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Shading at Siggraph 2017

This summer downtown Los Angeles got hotter, with awesome progress being presented at Siggraph left and right. Here are some oh my highlights in the world of shading.

MaterialX goes Open-SourceYears ago, I remember sitting down in the lounge of a hotel in Anaheim. Sitting with me were friends from Industrial Light and Magic, The Foundry, and several film and software studios. We discussed how hard it is to share material descriptions across software and studios, and have them look right, without having to hand off all the secret renderer sauce.

ILM really took the helm in this effort, and came up, year by year, with a better and more refined spec, called MaterialX, for a standard in pattern descriptions. Used alongside Alembic, MaterialX helped them share assets with vendors, and across OpenGL based software such as Mari, and final render quality. And now, the spec is mature enough to go open source. Congratulations!
Back at Pixar, I have looked at this spec quite a bit, and worked w…

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