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Cars 3 and deferred texturing

I haven's spoken much about Cars 3 in the last few years. This time I will, because I think the film deserves attention, as it looks incredible, and it forced us to solve a lot of interesting problems. One of them is deferred texturing.

I am going to go back to the initial issue in Finding Dory, the show when we switched renderer to RIS. That gave us fantastic new potential for render quality, but brought with it the end of our classic Renderman Shading Language, along with all our traditional shading tools, including one, we called Picasso.

Using math figured out and later patented by my friend David Ryu in 2008, Picasso allowed a user in Maya to build a rig of cameras, and project and layer painted textures, onto arbitrary geometry, using poses (e.g. T-pose, exploded prims, or open mouth, so hard-to-reach parts could be painted with ease). The math is pretty specific about how much of each layer to see based on camera depth, incident normals and a number of parameters. At rende…

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