Rainy Disneyland

I know it's supposed to be the other way around, but when they came to visit me in the US, I took my parents to Disneyland. I think we found Orange County's only two yearly rainy days. But hey, who needs the Sun down there, it was so nice and warm anyway! As a Pixar employee, it was very fortunate that I could get discounts at hotels and restaurants, but most importantly, that I coult get myself and my family free passes into the parks. Despite the discounts due to the recession, Disneyland is no bargain. The resort is separated into two parks. 
One is called California Adventure, and is a mix of Disneyan and Californian inspired attractions. It was not that great since there were lots of renewals and refurbishments happening. The most surprising and interesting part was probably a Californian food and wine festival, inside the park, where you could get to sample typical local foods and wines.
The second park is called simply Disneyland, and it is the first Disney resort ever built. It was in a much better shape too. There was a lot more happening, action figures, and lots and lots of rides. Some of them were related to Pixar - of course, since I am partial, the best ones - . At night we saw a fireworks show that was really impressive for something that happens every night. And to be honest, the park is a whole lot more beautiful after sunset. There are less people around, especially kids, which makes queues faster and the whole experience more enjoyable. Especially picturesque was the New Orleans section at night. A steamboat took us on the river and we got to enjoy a reconstruction of the little streets and shops of the city.
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