Creatures of Australia

Last weekend I had the luck of seeing some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth.
Me and some friends went down to Jervis bay. We found accommodation in a nice house in Warrowing, in the middle of the forest, and after a night by the wood fireplace, we woke up in the freezing southern winter. As we popped our heads out of the hut, a lot of curious marsupials were staring at us, as well as their little cubs in their comfortable pouches.
We were hoping to be lucky, and spot some whales during our planned trip on a small boat. Despite being whaling season, often people get disappointed, as did the group just before us. But luck did come to us. A former year's calf of humpback whale came to feed right next to us, on its way to the warmer northern waters. Despite being very small - only seven meters long - it left a huge impression on us. It was absolutely beautiful.
We were extra lucky indeed, because on our way back to the harbor, a pack of common dolphins came to hitchhike our boat, showing off their acrobatic skills. Here are the pictures!
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