A fine city for shopping

Our original plan was to go through Cambodia on the Mekong river. We decided to change our plan. It turned out that the only affordable way to get to Thailand in an acceptable amount of time was to go through Singapore! I have always been curious about Singapore. It is a metropolis, a country, a little island, a commercial heaven and an amazing mix of cultures and technology.

Although the majority of people are Chinese, there is very little in common with the vibe of Chinese cities. The sky is reasonably clear, people are polite and the streets are absolutely spotless. There are plenty of rules regulating everything and an army of fines and punishments awaiting the trespassers. There are signs all around announcing such fines and that is probably why Singapore is such a Fine City.

It surely is a fine city for shopping! The Singaporean economy has brought the price of technology to very competitive prices, and the Singaporean government allows tourists to claim the taxes back on their shopping. Plus, we got in the city during a festival, that basically put the whole city on special sales! Only tourists had a chance to get free local food samplings and special discounts on pretty much anything!

We certainly took advantage of this and bought two computers and lots of accessories, ate a lot, and enjoyed this unique city, a blend of East and West.
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