Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brave trailer is out

Finally, the trailer of upcoming adventure from Pixar, Brave, is out in the open. Enjoy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Piazza dei Mestieri

I am back home, in San Francisco, munching on some delicious chocolate covered lemon zests. Thanks to all who got out of their way to come see me at View. It was great to see you all!

 Where do those zests come from? Other than my two regular presentations, I was invited somewhat last minute to meet and teach a workshop at an unusual school, called Piazza Dei Mestieri, in the heart of Torino. This school helps youngsters to learn a profession and there are many, diverse disciplines. Each discipline has a production workshop and that is how the school maintains itself, for the most part. In fact, tuition is free, as long as students can show their progress. There is a brewing school, as well as a pub. There is a hairdressing school, with a low-cost studio for the students to practice. There is a chocolate workshop. That's where the zests I am nibbling on come from.

Of course, if I taught a workshop there, it is because there is a specialization in computer graphics too. I am no master brewer or chocolatier - although I would not mind becoming one.

The campus is remarkable, it reminds me of an old piazza surrounded by traditional businesses and a cute restaurant on the terrace, that in the summer must be really nice. That same restaurant is where all the presenters of the View conference celebrated, with a gala dinner, the final evening of the event.
Should you pass by Torino, it is probably worth giving the pub at Piazza dei Mestieri a try. As far as I could tell, the beers they brew on site are worth it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

For those who haven't seen it yet, here is a teaser/extract from La Luna. Enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

View 2011

It was at Siggraph conference that I met Maria Elena Gutierrez. For year now, she has been in charge of organizing the ViewFest and the View Conference in Torino (formerly known as Virtuality).

I remember Virtuality very well. Me and my friends, still studying or working on music videos, got inspired and compelled to push our skills so much because we wanted to be like the amazing people we saw there. 

I remember we sat at a pizzeria in the evening after this event, wishfully predicting what we were going to do in 10 years. One will be in Pixar, one in Dreamwoks. Maybe the other will be in Digital Domain or in Weta or perhaps in Japan. Cheers to that! I still remember the excitement in our eyes.  We did not sleep much. The following weeks were spent trying to work on some crazy project, like a sculpt project, a gutsy simulation or even a short about Evangelion, full CG, fully realistic. 

The short did not happen. But 10 years down the road, sure enough, one of us is at Pixar, one at Dreamworks, and one married a lovely Japanese lady and started an international business in Torino.

That is why I am excited to be on the other side this year. I'll be the one presenting at View. On the 22nd I will talk about the emigrant experience of a shader writer. And on the 24th I will teach an advanced workshop on shading on SIMD architectures.

I hope some of you can make it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A coherent noise for non photorealistic applications

I hope you attended this year's Siggraph. It was in the enchanting city of Vancouver, and the weather was deceptively good, so much it probably helped the companies that were aggressively hiring there. I had several reasons to go this year. I am working on the integration of the 3d painting tool from The Foundry, Mari, as well as Autodesk Mudbox and Disney's Paint3d. So I had plenty of meetings to attend. I also presented a paper this year, my first one in fact. 

It was very exciting - read nerve wrecking - to be presenting the fast forward session. Twenty five thousand amazing people, the cream of the intelligentia in our field - were looking at me at the same time. Despite some technical issues with the videos in the presentation, that nobody seemed to notice, it went pretty well. 

Enrico Casarosa also presented his first work as a director in Pixar: La Luna - not to be confused with another short that also came out this year: Luna. I had the pleasure to help out a bit on this one, shading the stars, animating their effects, and a painting and shading a few props on the boat. 
Make sure you see it when it will be shown again, ahead of Brave in theaters!