Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It is that time again

It is Siggraph time! And this time it happens to be close to home too! Los Angeles, one of the most populous metropolitan conglomerates, and one of the most loved and hated cities in the world. I feel like I belong more to the second group, since I love compact, walkable cities such as San Francisco, but still, Los Angeles has so much to offer, and I am not going to miss out.

I will be around, checking out some of the events, I will attend the Renderman User Group and, on Tuesday afternoon, I will be helping out at the Pixar booth, so if you have a minute, please come say hi!

Cars Toons

A week after coming back to the US, a lot of things have happened. I have learnt that the paper I submitted, together with Michael Kass, to the Siggraph committee fell just short of being accepted, although it will be adjusted and published on ACM Transactions on Graphics. 

I changed project, and started working on three shorts. Two of them are related to cars, and the series is called called Cars-Toons. They will not be released in the theatre, they will rather be available on DVD and on Disney Channel.

Some of them are actually already available on the net! Check them out:

Look forward to seeing the next ones!